Laboratory for Internet and Innovative Technologies

e-Testing as a Service

With the advances of Internet technologies, there has been a shift from monolithic application silos toward service oriented approaches where flexible granular functional components expose services accessible to applications via loosely coupled standards-based interfaces.

The main objective of this project is the development of new, flexible, expandable and interoperable service oriented “universal” application for electronic testing. Тхе аpplication should be should allow easy, simple and transparent to users, integration of the application with the various existing e-learning systems, expanding their functionality. Application itself as a whole, and certain parts of it (features) will be seen by other applications as a service.

System development will be based on improvement and evaluation of already designed architecture of a system for electronic testing that can work as stand-alone application for electronic testing and which can share content and functionality with other applications for electronic testing. The new architecture of the platform for electronic testing will be implemented as a set of web services that can be combined depending on the required functionalities.

Team Leader:

Goce Armenski, Ph.D.

Team Members:

Marjan Gushev, Ph.D.

Sashko Ristov, M.Sc.


e-Testing, Web Services, e-Learning, Cloud Computing