Laboratory for Internet and Innovative Technologies

High Performance Computing in Cloud Computing

Implementing security in web service messages degrades the web server performances. Increasing the web server resources, we can obtain better server performances, but only during the server load. Otherwise, the resources are not utilized. Therefore the scalable systems should be developed, hosted in cloud computing.

XML Encryption and XML Signature (individually or together) request additional resources, both for parsing the increased original message size and cryptographic calculations.

The project main goal is implementing parallelism (HPC) while implementing security to increase web server performances, as well as system efficiency.

We’ll try to upgrade the standards to obtain speedup and better response time.

Team Leader:

Marjan Gushev, Ph.D.

Team Members:

Sashko Ristov, M.Sc.

Magdalena Kostoska, M.Sc.

Kiril Kjiroski, B.Sc.


Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing, Performance