Laboratory for Internet and Innovative Technologies

Software Agent Development for Increasing Web Service Performance in Cloud Computing

Selecting the platform for web service development and deployment in cloud computing depends on different factors, such as web server’s operating system and hardware resources (CPUs, memory, I/O), as well as the cloud computing platform itself.

According to previous measurements, analysis and results, the performance analysis will be performed on web services when the web service are hosted in the cloud, to measure the performance improvements / detriments in different hosting: (1) – on-premises without virtualization, (2) – on-premises with virtualization, (3) – in Cloud computing. Also, the impact of the application level security implementation to the system performance will be analyzed.

The main goal of the project is software agent development, which will be hosted between client and server, to route the web service messages to particular web server nodes, according previously learned which node is the best for that kind of message.

Team Leader:

Marjan Gushev, Ph.D.

Team Members:

Sashko Ristov, M.Sc.

Magdalena Kostoska, M.Sc.

Kiril Kjiroski, B.Sc.


Cloud Computing, Performance, Web Services