Laboratory for Internet and Innovative Technologies

Cloud computing Software as a Service Interoperability

Тhe goals of this project are:

  • To model SAS adapters that provide cloud computing interoperability
  • To create adapter prototypes and testing environments
  • to introduce SAS interoperability testing methodology
  • to perform experiments to evaluate model’s and prototype’s benefits and gains
  • to propose unified service model with embedded interoperability

We expect that this project will answer or prove the following hypothesis:

  • Is it possible to model interoperability?
  • Are the suggested adapters applicable to all known technological and methodological approaches in SAS cloud computing?
  • Creating prototypes demonstrates gains versus classical solutions?
  • Is the adapter model sustainable?
  • Is the adapter model acceptable?
  • Will adapter model influence service security?
  • Will adapter model influence service performance?
  • Is it possible to create unified service model with embedded interoperability?

Team Leader:

Marjan Gushev, Ph.D

Team Members:

Magdalena Kostoska, M.Sc.

Sashko Ristov, M.Sc.

Kiril Kjiroski, B.Sc.


cloud computing, interoperability, software as a service interoperability