Laboratory for Internet and Innovative Technologies

Service Development for Better Security, Performance, Interoperability and E-learning in Cloud

Researching and enhancing the performance, interoperability and security in the cloud are the three main fields of research of this project.

Different cloud services performance analysis, such as memory, compute intensive and cache intensive algorithms will be performed according to the most recent measurements, analysis and results. The Influence of virtualization, multiple cloud solution, hypervisor, operating system, different levels of IaaS and SaaS services as well as effects of networks on cloud performance will be analyzed.

Additionally, an L3B middleware cloud solution will be suggested. Multiple interoperability cloud services will be designed and created on different levels. Evaluation models for cloud security on user level and service supplier, different levels of service of IaaS, SaaS, as well as private, public and hybrid cloud types will be suggested as evaluation models. Scalable and elastic platform and architecture for a new electronic learning and testing system, immune to different user load will be suggested after the analysis.

Team Leader:

Marjan Gusev, Ph.D.

Team Members:

Goce Armenski, Ph.D.

Dejan Spasov, Ph.D.

Sasko Ristov, Ph.D.

Magdalena Kostoska, M.Sc.

Kiril Kiroski, M.Sc.

Goran Velkoski, B.Sc.

Monika Simjanoska, B.Sc.

Blagoj Atanasovski, Student

Nenad Anchev, Student


Cloud Computing, Security, Performance, Interoperability, E-Learning, Web Services.