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All e-Assessment systems have several challenges, such as accurate evaluation, security and data privacy, performance, scalability etc. In this paper we focus on e-Assessment scalability and performance. We propose a SOA architecture of a cloud hosted e-Assessment system which uses scalability and elasticity in order to achieve sustainable performance. Our solution consists of two subsystems, the first for management and reports, and the other for on-demand activities during the assessments. It reduces the overall costs since it uses minimum resources utilized only during the e-Assessment. Better performance is expected to be achieved since the active subsystem works with much smaller data compared to the centralized one.


Sasko Ristov, Marjan Gusev, Goce Armenski, Krste Bozinovski, and Goran Velkoski


eAssessment, Cloud Computing, Load Balancing, Performance

Full Paper

The technical reportis published as a paper in IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference EDUCON, 2013