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Growth in the field of the Internet Web Based Technologies and establishment of Cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, initiates various challenges and creative implementations such as solving problems of integration and orchestration of different web services. The aim of this article is to present how we have faced practical problems of integration and orchestration, realizing the game Monopoly by web based technologies. We have made several experiments to define the technology that will allow us to exchange information, without the need of global synchronization, and yet enable on-line presence by push technologies. Usage of web sockets and web services were the most promising and appropriate technologies. In this paper we present the software architecture of the solution and describe details of integration and orchestration. The goal of the game Monopoly was to enable a platform where various cities and landmarks will be built by industries realized as web services by different vendors (students in our example) and enable an on-line execution realized as Internet based game.


Stefan Mitev, Nino Karas, Marjan Gusev, and Dragan Sahpaski


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Full Paper

The technical report is published as a paper in Proceedings of the 9th Conf on Informatics and Information Technologies, (Editors Bakeva and Gjorgjevikj) CiiT 2012, Bitola, Macedonia, 2012.