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The goal in this paper is to compare the CPU utilization when one would like to migrate its applications to the cloud. This will allow the user to specify the real capacity of the server in order to match the foreseen memory and computational demands. Each overutilization of the CPU will significantly impact the performance. In this paper we analyze two different types of web services, defined on memory and computation demands. The first web service is memory only demanding and the second is both memory demanding and computation intensive. The experiments are realized on two environments using the same hardware, the first is on-site environment, and the second is cloud environment, where on top of the first we include private OpenStack cloud solution. The comparison of results will show what is the impact of cloud deployment, and also how the load of web services impacts the CPU utilization.


Marjan Gusev, Goran Velkoski, Sasko Ristov, and Monika Simjanoska


Performance, CPU utilization, Cloud deployment impact, Workload impact

Full Paper

The technical report is published as a paper in IEEE ICIT 2013, Jordan, 8-10.5.2013