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Following the global trends and innovations in the communication and information technology, the way of communication between universities and faculties with the students, and among students themselves, became significantly different than a few years ago. The use of social networks and other forms of interactive communication for this type of communication is becoming a trend. The intensity of the communication between the students and the faculties and universities seems to be very intensive during the process of choosing a faculty for enrollment, as well as the short period just before the enrollment starts. In this paper we will make a brief review of the Innovation and Knowledge Management towards eStudent Information System – iKnow, and then present last year's numbers and statistics for the enrollment process at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering in Skopje, in the aspect of using the social networks. We will describe the procedures and frequency of answering and managing the frequently asked questions, as well as all of the technical support mechanisms used before and during the enrollment days.


Milos Jovanovik, Vladimir Zdraveski, and Marjan Gusev


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Full Paper

The technical report is published as a paper in Proceedings of the 9th Conf on Informatics and Information Technologies, CiiT 2012, (Editors Bakeva and Gjorgjevikj) Bitola, Macedonia, 2012