Laboratory for Internet and Innovative Technologies

iKnow is a new university information system that provides electronic services for both university management and students. It is a system enabling complete electronic student services within University management avoiding the need for paper based document processing. The system is web based and implemented using state of the art modular service oriented technologies. This paper presents the current status of the implementation of electronic student services at the University Ss. Cyril and Methodius (UKIM). We give an overview of the implemented functionalities and point out the milestones in development and implementation processes. Dealys in implementation and change management are also reported, along with explanations about changes done in specification or implementation.


Dejan Gjorgjevikj, Ana Madevska Bogdanova, Ivan Chorbev, and Marjan Gusev


Art modular service, change management, current status, document processing, electronic services, electronic student services, implementation processes, new university information system, University management, University Ss

Full Paper

The paper is published in Proceedings of the 9th Conf on Informatics and Information Technologies, (Editors Bakeva and Gjorgjevikj) CiiT 2012, Bitola, Macedonia, 2012