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The definitions, methods, implementations and realizations in the field of the adaptive learning, explained in our previous researches, pointed out new directions in the studying of this kind of learning. Although during and after the process they were considered in general as more adequate than the ones from the existing adaptive learning systems, the question was asked whether theirs theoretical background could be effective for the best realization of an adaptive learning environment. In this paper, considering the found flaws in, we go beyond these rules of knowledge representation in order to increase the possibility of constructing an improved adaptive learning environment.


Velimir Graorkoski, Ana Madevska-Bogdanova, and Marjan Gusev


Adaptive learning – AL, adaptive learning environment – ALE, adapted learning environment – IALE, learning mechanism – LM, test set – TS, concept - C, in-concept - IC, basic adaptive learning - BAL, partial learning – PL, sufficient concept – SC, sufficient set - SS.

Full Paper

The paper is published in ICT Innovations 2011, (editor L. Kocarev), Web Proceedings, ISSN 1857-7288