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This paper addresses growth rate of e-Government sophistication level by comparing the corresponding e-Government services’ benchmarks carried out in European countries. We have defined a methodology based on new indicators that define growth rate of e-Government development. This analysis was initiated by extensive amount of information about sophistication level of e-Government services for individual countries and is used to measure, analyze and compare the growth. We introduced two indicators: annual growth and growth period. We have also defined clusters about typical behavior of each indicator and show how obtained results define categorization.


Kiril Kiroski, Magdalena Kostoska, Marjan Gusev, and Sasko Ristov


Benchmark, e-government, e-services, government, growth rate, measurement, online sophistication

Full Paper

The paper is published BCI 2012, Proceedings of 5th Balkan Conf. in Informatics, Novi Sad, Serbia, ACM International Conference Proceedings, ISBN 978-1-4503-1240-0, 2012