Laboratory for Internet and Innovative Technologies

Position: Proffesor at Faculty of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering (FISCE)


D-r Marjan Gushev (born June 28th, 1961 in Gevgelija) is a computer scientists and professor at University Sts. Cyril and Methodius, at Faculty of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering, specializing in parallel processing, computer networks and Internet technologies. He finished mathematical high school and achieved a lot of diplomas and best student awards on competitions in regional and international competitions in mathematics and physics. In 1985 he graduated at University Sts. Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics with award for outstanding success. In 1989 he obtained the M.Sc. degree (M.Sc thesis entitled “Parallel Processing Algorithms”) from the same University, and in 1992 the doctoral degree (Ph.D. thesis entitled “Processor array implementations of systems of affine recurrence equations in digital signal processing”) from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. In the period of 1991-1992 he has pursued doctoral research at Parallel Algorithm Research Centre at Loughborough University of Technology, UK.

After studies he was working at Mining Institute, Skopje. In 1988 he was apointed as young researcher and teaching assistant at University Sts Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Institute of Informatics, in 1990 as senior assistant, in 1993 as lecturer, in 1998 as assistant professor and from 2003 as full professor. In period 1993-95 and 1998-99 he was director of Computing Centre, and head of department from 1999-2003. As teaching assistant and professor he is teaching several courses related to Informatics, computer architecture and networks, parallel processing, Internet programming and technologies. He was mentor for 10 M.Sc and 5 Ph.D candidates. He was author and co-author of 18 books, 51 publications in reviewed international journals, 91 articles in reviewed international conference proceedings, presented more than 86 presentations on conferences, workshops and seminars; and also designed 17 software applications. As invited speaker he held presentations at Universities in Belgrade, Ljubljana, Nis, Loughborough, Washington, Hagen, London, etc. D-r Gushev has performed research in parallel processing, Internet technologies, e-business, mobile and wireless applications, computer architecture and networks. As presented and participant he attended more than 125 internationally conferences, workshops and seminars in Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and USA.

D-r Gushev has coordinated and managed 17 international and 5 domestic projects, as expert for projects that include research and development, curricula development and university management, knowledge management, network of excellence etc. He is member of several professional organizations and bodies, consultant for information technology of ministries and government committees, teams for development of national IT strategies, academic and other institutions, president of IT experts council of MASIT, e-Government task force etc. He organized 7 international conferences, 19 workshops, and 7 seminars in the field of e-Government, e-Education and Internet technologies. He is founder of the company Innovation which has developed several solutions for government and business services. He initiated, organized and managed of laboratories for wireless applications, new innovative technologies, parallel processing. He is director of regional CISCO academy, Microsoft academy and Pearson Vue testing centre.