Laboratory for Internet and Innovative Technologies

The Laboratory for Internet and Innovative Technologies (LIIT) is a research laboratory that induces innovation by using internet technologies. LIIT inquires the possibilities of Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing, Computer Security and E-Learning, thus becoming an internationally recognized research laboratory.

The laboratory was founded in 2012 within the FISCE (Faculty of informatics science and computer engineering) under the supervision of Marjan Gusev, Ph.D.

The LIIT team consists of qualified FISCE professors and assistants along with their students. Our goal is to undertake state of the art scientific research.

Our members have already taken part in the EDUCON 2013 conference in Berlin. The authors of the paper “Architecture and Organization of e-Assessment Cloud Solution” won the Best paper award in the “Innovative Materials, Teaching and Learning Experiences in Engineering Education” competitive area. Additionally, the team works on faculty projects such as “SPIEL in Cloud” and a software called EDUcache that already is being used regularly in the students program.

*The laboratory was founded with the aid of the Ministry of Education and Science– Republic of Macedonia funds.